The restaurant Porto Adriano

There are good restaurants (good enough), excellent restaurants (very few) and mediocre restaurants (always too many).
Then there are hash hauses, pubs, dives and comfortable tiny houses. There are also colorful places where food is transformed into colored slop of the unlikely taste.
Sometimes you can find a place where settling to try out your senses really has a sense. Porto Adriano, in San Cataldo, seashore of Lecce, is this.
It is not a place for everyone, neither the "airs and foams" lovers, nor the inventive hagiographers have to be displeased. Porto Adriano is a port, a borderland between the mobile seawater and the mainland, horizon which perceives the real life from the changing afterlife, where the fish is as fresh as the seafood. The kitchen is so fine, as to make it unforgettable.
It is not a place for all the Porto Adriano, don’t crowd it. It is a place for cultured minds, which would be able to perceives the sweet taste of a Gilt-head bream carpaccio and the slightly acidic taste of a raw prawn, or to enjoy a crunchy squid sautéed in hot oil and the aroma of some spaghetti with a lobster or a seafood potpourri, a bit greened by some parsley leaves and freshly ground pepper.

Nothing is invasive at the Porto Adriano, everything flows with elegance and harmony which have Fabio’s eyes and Mary’s smile: as young, nice, and fresh as the sea urchins when it is the time.
There isn't place for everyone at the Port Adriano, but if you find it, it means that it would be a celebration day... and in the wine cellar there are so many good bottles to celebrate.
Furthermore, sometimes there would be the appearance of Gaia as well, but that’s another story.

                                                                                    — Pino De Luca,
                                                loyal customer and very humble lover
                                          of the good and the beautiful on the table